Mapha: “Africa’s Biggest Delivery Brand!”

Mapha: “Africa’s Biggest Delivery Brand!”

Welcome to issue #1 of Mapha’s weekly blog. Every week we will be talking about the exciting world of technology startups, private equity and the global last-mile delivery space. Make sure to tune in so you don’t miss out on industry analysis from our international & in-house experts with over 85 years of experience in the technology startup & private equity industry.

Derived from the colloquial township term, Mapha means “to share”. That very definition embodies the true essence of what Mapha aims to do with this brand. Using cutting-edge technology, we have created a space for local entrepreneurs to share their magical creations with their local economy. Thanks to our fully integrated 3rd party platform, local creatives, chefs, artisans, artists etc. can now get their products out to a much broader radius of customers. The informal economy has long-awaited the arrival of the Mapha platform and merchants can now sign up on the platform and begin delivering their goods.


Mapha is an on-demand delivery service that provides last-mile delivery services to small businesses in the peri-urban and township areas of South Africa. To date, Mapha is in several townships across the country looking to scale internationally in the near future. We have ties with local & international investors as well as a large network of mentors from America to Singapore, not to mention a fantastic track record of implementation.

Mapha uses an interactive mobile-based application to operate in the township whilst also using bicycles as a mode of transportation to support ESG goals set by the company and the country at large. We aim to continue our run as the biggest delivery brand in Africa.

Founded in 2020, our company has already created over 250 jobs for the unemployed and unskilled, not to mention the thousands of indirect jobs we have created through our platform.


We have connected various small business retailers with new customers all around the country by using a brand new cutting-edge geofencing technology that optimises how we connect users to their favourite local retailer.

“Through Mapha’s interactive platform, users are now able to order goods from any retailer they wish, not only limiting the scope to perishable items such as food.” (Tshidiso Vatsha, Co-founder, Mapha)

To date (June 2022) we have completed over 6400+ deliveries in various townships in South Africa, notable ones being Tembisa and Alexandra. We see the next frontier of South African logistics being in the informal sector and the global market agrees with us.

Don’t believe us? Stay posted weekly to see why last-mile delivery is where you should be investing your money if you’re into that kind of thing.



Enjoy your mask-free weekend.

Johannesburg, June 24

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